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The Baltimore Orioles have been in town since '54 and have had over 900 men don their uniform. My goal is to obtain a signed card of each player. If you have something I need, or see something you want, don't be shy, we can make a deal.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Was It Worth It?

Getting up at 6am?
Driving through snow and ice?
Standing in line for seven hours?
Never sitting down?
Getting awesome autographs?

You are damned right it was worth it. I am sure my back will feel otherwise in the coming days, but today, it was worth it.

I arrived at the Convention Center at 8 am and was #93 in line for the free autograph session. Unlike last year, the line started inside wo we were able to stay warm and keep our memorabilia dry. When I received my voucher, step one was accomplished.

I went straight for the line and was one of the first 40 or so waiting for Jake Arrieta, Brad Bergesen, Dana Eveland and Chris Hoiles.

I did well.

Jake Arrieta 2008 Frederick Keys Advertising Strip

A few years back my brother got this promo strip from a Frederick Keys games. Since he has turned his back on the Baltimore Orioles franchise, instead choosing to follow the Nationals, the strip became mine. I have been carrying it around with me ever since. Jake had signed for me a few times before but I was too slow on the draw. Now I can leave it at home. That is until I track down the other players on the strip.

Jake Arrieta 2010 Bowman Platinum #11

Since it was so early, Jake would have signed pretty much anything laid in front of him. I wasn't greedy, just asked for two. It seemed realistic. And with Jake signing both items, it must have been reasonable.

Brad Bergesen 2010 Topps #423

Brad Bergesen 2009 Topps Update #UH211

I dropped tow on Brad and he signed them all. He too would have signed more, but I was tapped out with those tow cards. I should have grabbed a signed postcard as well, but it was early. I blew it.

Dana Evelnd Orioles Postcard

Dana Eveland 2009 Topps #521

Eveland is one of the new guys I will be needing at some point this season. As long as health isn't an issue, I should be able to cross this name off the list shortly. The Topps card is available for trade if anyone is looking.

Chris Hoiles 1991 Orioles Crown #198

Chris Hoiles 1990 Score Rookie Traded #T96

Chris Hoiles Orioles Postcard

Last was Hoiles, my favorite of the session. I can't pinpoint one particular thing about Hoiles that made it fun. I think he just seemed to care a little more. He seemed excited to be there. 10am makes it difficult to get too excited, he did an excellent job.

Not a bad way to start the day. Nine autographs from 4 players, I will take it.

Stay tuned over the next week to see how the rest of the day panned out.


  1. Awesome stuff. We got there too late for the early session, but someone in the parking lot gave us their passes, so we were able to go right in instead of waiting outside, which was nice.

  2. Sounds like a great time. What did you do to prep the Bowman Platinum card?

  3. Good stuff. Glad you didn't have to wait outside.


  4. Nice to see you Kurt.... This is Austin (#1 guy at 5am lol) Hey what's your email so we can work some trades out.. let me know

  5. Hope you had a good time man, I'll be posting my haul in the next few days. Sorry we didn't run into each other.

  6. Spiegel, I just used baby powder like I normally do. You have to be careful not to leave a fingerprint. Keep rubbing. I have imprinted my fingerprints on a few other cards. The card is dulled a little though.

  7. Austin, email is

  8. Ryan, looking forward to seeing the schwag you got.