The Quest

The Baltimore Orioles have been in town since '54 and have had over 900 men don their uniform. My goal is to obtain a signed card of each player. If you have something I need, or see something you want, don't be shy, we can make a deal.

Collection Statistics

Total Players 877/977 = 89.25%
1991 Orioles Crown Set
Total Players 309/465 = 66.45%
Alive Players 274/369 = 74.25

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hall of Fame Upgrades

This is my biggest collecting coup to date.

I have a friend who helps out with a sports promotional company. We have talked about shows in the past but I had never been able to get to one. This last time was no different, but I had an inside man. What I didn't have was the premium to pay these legends for my newest additions. What I do have, is a friend and family discount he could not do without. Seemed like a fair trade to me.

Brooks Robinson 1991 Orioles Crown #385

I think the small card threw Brooks for a loop. He tends to sign his name quite large, but it appears he didn't want to hide his lovely head shot. I also felt if odd he left off the "s" in Brooks, until I checked other examples. I wonder what he has against the letter?

Frank Robinson 1991 Orioles Crown #388

This is an awesome graph. It looks exactly like the pack certified one I had in my collection. These cards have me one step closer to completing the Robinson portion of my Crown project. Now I just need to track down the ever elusive Jeff Robinson.

Thanks again K, I still owe you.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sweet Lou Piniella

How do you remember him?

Ballplayer? Indian? Royal? Yankee?

Manager? Yankee again? Red? Mariner? Devil Ray? Cub?

What, The first thing that comes to mind is not the 21 year old making his major league debut for the Orioles in 1964? Seriously, how can four games, one at-bat and no hits not make a lasting impression on you?

His time was so fleeting that he never appeared on any card as an Oriole. The only picture I was able to find involving Piniella and the Birds is of the 1993 Mariners-Orioles brawl. Very fitting for the tenacious Lou.

I remember spittle, venom, anger and bases being thrown. And I have this to immortalize him in my collection:

Lou Piniella 1991 Orioles Crown #364

I think he is wearing a wig in that picture.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Never Have to Post About Nate Snell Again

Finally, the journey to add a signed Nate Snell 1991 Orioles Crown card to my collection has come to an end. This particular card has eluded me multiple times, starting with the 2010 Orioles Fanfest. He has dipped, dived and dodged at every corner. Until I shelled out some cash.

Nate Snell 1991 Orioles Crown #430

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chase to 755

This contest is an homage to a crappy insert set from 2003 Upper Deck, featuring the likes of Shawn Green and Lance Berkman. Night Owl referenced Green's pawltry 192 bombs at release date, but Berkman was barely over 100 when the set came out.

755 is also the untainted home run number, so I thought it was very fitting. But I digress.

I have just eclipsed a pretty large milestone, 700 Oriole autographs and I wanted to do a contest. In the spirit of the contest season in the blog-o-sphere, I am placing a bounty on number 755. The contest ends when the 755th different Orioles player autograph is in my possession. That leaves a good amount of time and 43 autographs from this point.

On with the contest details.

This could be a long contest, unless you guys move quickly and unload all those Orioles autographs you have laying around.

The rules to gain entry are simple:

1. Become a new follower to my blog. All you must do is post a comment that you are following anywhere on my blog. Sorry to those of you who already follow, you will have to work for it.

2. Referral bonus. Any new follower you refer can drop your name when posting their comment and you get an entry as well. I am not asking for pimpage just a little word of mouth.

3. One entry for every autograph for my collection.

4. Upgrades will count. Upgrades are new cards featuring an Oriole where I currently have one of a different team. An upgrade is also a new addition to the 1991 Orioles Crown set.

5. Grand Prize Winners The person who helps grow my collection the most will get first choice. The person who is responsible for the most new followers of my blog will win second choice. Other selections will then be randomed off to participants.

Because a lot depends on how many people enter the contest exact break down of prizes are yet to be determined.

Prizes thus far:
10 card lot of IP/TTM autographs (your choice)
8 card game used lot (your choice)
Cal Ripken 2007 SPx Iron Man Platinum IM64 #'d 1/1
Mickey Mantle 1995 Upper Deck Metallic Impressions 10 card set in tin

More prizes will be added in the future.

I appreciate everyone who currently follows or pays any mind to my drivel and for those in the future who can help me attain my goals.

Have no fear, I am not just relying upon the blog world, I will be working the crowds, trade sites and any avenue possible to get to 755, then 900.

Updates can be accessed by the link in my "Vault" on the right of the page, or here.

My Autographs available are here and my game used are here.

The entire Oriole Autograph list can be found here.

Quick reference for those players I need:
Abrams, Cal 
Adair, Jerry 
Adams, Bobby 
Adams, Ryan
Alexander, Bob 
Alexander, Doyle
Anderson, John
Angle, Matt
Aparicio, Luis
Avila, Bobby
Belanger, Mark 
Bell, Juan
Bertaina, Frank
Bickford, Vern 
Blefary, Curt 
Bowens, Sam 
Brideweser, Jim 
Brock, Chris
Brower, Jim
Brown, Kevin (1986-2005 P)
Brown, Mark
Brunet, George 
Byrd, Harry 
Carrasquel, Chico 
Carreon, Cam 
Castro, Bernie
Chakales, Bob
Charlton, Norm
Chevez, Tony
Coggins, Rich
Coleman, Rip 
Cook, Mike
Courtney, Clint 
Cox, Billy 
Cubillan, Darwin
Davis, Chris
Davis, Eric
de la Rosa, Francisco
Dedrick, Jim
Dorish, Harry 
Dyck, Jim 
Dykhoff, Radhames
Eyre, Willie
Finigan, Jim 
Fisher, Jack
Fisher, Tom
Flinn, John
Foster, Kris
Fox, Howie 
Freed, Roger 
Freel, Ryan
Freire, Alejandro
Gabino, Armando
Gallagher, Dave
Garcia, Chico 
Garcia, Luis (2002 Orioles)
Gastall, Tom 
Goodman, Billy 
Green, Gene 
Greene, Charlie
Grimsley, Jason
Guerrero, Vladimir
Guillen, Ozzie
Gutierrez, Jackie
Haddix, Harvey 
Hamric, Bert 
Hardin, Jim 
Hardy, J.J.
Harris, Gene
Harris, Lum 
Hartley, Mike
Havens, Brad
Hazewood, Drungo
Heard, Jay 
Hernandez, Leo
Hitchcock, Billy 
Hobgood, Matt
Houtteman, Art 
Hudson, Kyle
Huff, Aubrey
Hulett, Tim
Hunter, Tommy
Jackson, Lou 
Jackson, Reggie 
Jefferson, Jesse
Johns, Doug
Johnson, Darrell 
Johnson, Davey
Johnson, Mike (1997-2001)
Jones, Gordon 
Jones, Odell
Jones, Sam 
Jones, Stacy
Kellert, Frank 
Kerrigan, Joe
Kilgus, Paul
Kinnunen, Mike
Kirkland, Willie
Knight, Ray
Kokos, Dick 
Koslo, Dave 
Lau, Charlie 
Lee, Derrek
Lewis, Richie
Littlefield, Dick 
Lockman, Whitey 
Lopat, Ed 
Lopez, Carlos
Lopez, Javy (catcher)
Luebke, Dick 
Lugo, Julio
Mabe, Bob 
Machado, Robert
Majeski, Hank 
Marquis, Roger 
Mathews, Terry
May, Dave
McDonald, Jim
McElroy, Chuck
McGuire, Mickey
McNally, Dave 
Melendez, Francisco
Miksis, Eddie 
Millar, Kevin
Miller, Bill 
Miranda, Willy 
Molina, Izzy
Moore, Ray 
Mora, Andres
Moreland, Keith
Murray, Eddie 
Myers, Greg
Myers, Randy
Narum, Buster 
Nelson, Roger
Nieman, Bob 
Nixon, Donell
Nokes, Matt
O'Connor, Jack
Oertel, Chuck 
Orosco, Jesse
Osik, Keith
Palica, Erv 
Pardo, Al
Peterson, Buddy 
Phillips, Zach
Piniella, Lou
Pope, Dave 
Portocarrero, Arnie 
Powers, John 
Powis, Carl 
Reinbach, Mike 
Reyes, Al
Reyes, Jo-Jo
Reynolds, Mark
Rice, Del 
Richards, Paul 
Robles, Sergio
Rodriguez, Vic
Rogovin, Saul 
Rowdon, Wade
Royster, Willie
Rupe, Josh
Salmon, Chico 
Sanchez, Orlando
Santos, Victor
Schilling, Curt
Shelby, John
Shetrone, Barry 
Siebern, Norm
Slocumb, Heathcliff
Smith, Al 
Smith, Lee
Smith, Nate
Sosa, Sammy
Stephens, Vern 
Strop, Pedro
Stuart, Marlin 
Sundin, Gordie
Taylor, Joe 
Temple, Johnny 
Thomas, Valmy
Throneberry, Marv 
Tibbs, Jay
Trout, Dizzy 
Viola, Pedro
Virgil, Ozzie (1956-69)
Waitkus, Eddie 
Walker, Greg
Webster, Lenny
Wells, David
Werley, George
Wertz, Vic 
Wiggins, Alan 
Wight, Bill 
Wilhelm, Hoyt  
Wilson, Jim (1948-58) 
Young, Bobby 
Zambrano, Victor
Zaun, Gregg
Zupo, Frank 


Friday, October 21, 2011

Orioles Mail Day Part Deux

These "less desirables" are all in need of upgrades but are seven more names to cross off my list.

Joe Borowski 2007 Topps Heritage #469

Joe Carter 1993 Stadium Club Members Only #749

Juan Castro 2003 Topps Total #107

David Dellucci 2007 Topps Heritage #171

Rick Helling 1992 Stadium Club Dome #81

Rudy May 1975 Topps #321

Andy Van Slyke 1985 Topps #551

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Orioles Mail Day

Today is part one of a 13 card haul I just got in the mail. It was the first score in a large while and will be a good start moving in to contest time. Yes I am almost there, just putting the finishing touches on the details. Enjoy the images of my newest Oriole additions.

Marty Cordova 2003 Topps #410

Scott Erickson 2001 Topps #567

John Halama 2006 Upper Deck #531

Brian Matusz 2010 Upper Deck #5

Guillermo Quiroz 2008 Topps Update #UH-272

Monday, October 10, 2011

Swapping Jerseys

Not too long ago I posted about a Marty Brown autograph I picked up and it spurred the interest of fellow collector Ryan from The Great Orioles Autograph Project. He’s the other Oriole collecting Ryan in the blogosphere.

He enjoys the color orange, like Marty’s jersey, and I like small perforated baseball cards like 1991 Orioles Crown. A swap was born. Good-bye, spring training Marty. Hello big-league portrait Marty.

Marty Brown 1991 Orioles Crown #57

It is time to cross off another name from the Crown list.
Stay tuned. I will be starting my first ever contest shortly that will try your loyalties and test your patience. Intrigued??

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Great Minds Think Alike

Ryan, genius behind “O” No, Another Orioles Blog, and I, obviously have one major commonality. We are both gifted writers. Our genius aside, we also share a love of our Orioles. I have always enjoyed trading with Oriole collectors more than others because I know my Birds will be finding a good home. It also means that I will likely have a few cards they need and vice versa.

That was definitely the case here. But Ryan got to the vintage party before me and he has been busy snatching up lots of O’s. I was quite happy to take 28 pre-1970 Birds and 31 post-1970 Birds off his hands. I broke them down to pre and post ‘70 because at the moment I am only pursuing the former.

My thought process:
The older cards will only become rarer with time and increase in value, making it a more costly venture. I want to try and get them earlier and decrease my expenses. Newer cards will go through a similar change but not as exaggerated in my mind. Then when I have a good grasp on the oldies, move forward in time. I will not however break into the 1980’s. I want this part of my collection to remain “classic” and in my mind the only thing classic in the 80’s was Cal Ripken’s rookie cards (got ‘em).

So without further adieu, my pre-1970 Vintage Orioles haul from Ryan.

Each year when Heritage arrives on shelves, collectors and bloggers debate the merit of the design and how horrible/awesome the originals are. I think every set pre-1970 is awesome. It’s because of the era, the level of play on the field and the history. Technology was a long way off to make these cards “pretty” or “cutting edge”. I think they did a hell of a job with film, presses and artist renderings, while lacking computers, graphic designers and digital formats.

My vintage Orioles hat off to the pioneers of the hobby I love so much.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Difficult Post to Write

I don’t want anyone to be alarmed; it is just a dramatic title for a basic post. Did the hook work, are you still reading?

If so, here is the upsetting part:
I just added two difficult autographs to my Orioles collection, but they are of a Yankee and a Red Sox player. How disturbing is that?

Dwight Evans 2005 Donruss Greats Autograph #22

Evans finished up his 20 year playing career in 1991 as a member of our club. The first 19 seasons he was of course our rival to the North, amassing 379 homeruns for the Sox.

He didn’t tear the cover off the ball in Baltimore, but I don’t think anyone expected that from a 40 year old, pre steroid era. He did hit a solid .270 over 101 games before retiring.

Evans doesn’t sign TTM and I haven’t been lucky enough to track him down through the Sox organization or public signings. This will have to do for now but he has a handful of Orioles cards I would love to swap for this puppy if anyone is interested. Also, I am not above stalking so if you know when Dewey is, I could track him down.

Aurelio Rodriguez 1981 Topps #34

Aurelio is another player to spend the twilight of his career with the Birds. But unlike Evans, he was not a member of the Evil Empire for very long, playing the majority of his 15 seasons with the California Angels and Detroit Tigers.

I Hate Comcast

Or is it Xfinity. Either way, two weeks with no internet access is awful.

I couldn't do anything at work and I am the smartest person without a "smart" phone.

Well, I'm back again and hopefully, more consistently.