The Quest

The Baltimore Orioles have been in town since '54 and have had over 900 men don their uniform. My goal is to obtain a signed card of each player. If you have something I need, or see something you want, don't be shy, we can make a deal.

Collection Statistics

Total Players 877/977 = 89.25%
1991 Orioles Crown Set
Total Players 309/465 = 66.45%
Alive Players 274/369 = 74.25

Monday, May 30, 2011

Topps Diamond Giveaway

The suspense must be killing all of you, I'm sure. My lone Diamond Giveaway code revealed this:

Ken Reitz 1979 Topps #587

Not too bad, a vintage-ish card for my giveaway. At least it wasn't anything like these I already have in my virtual collection.

Armando Benitez 2007 Topps #211

Woody Williams 1995 Topps #299

I also have my oldest card looking for a good home.

Pete Broberg 1974 Topps #424

All are available for virtual trading, LMK if interested. I allowed wifey to pick where I was to dig, she dug well.

I have no clue if this is "valuable" or not and have no idea what to do with it. Anyone dig up something like it? What did you do with it?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

More Target Gems

Yesterday was by far the best day I have ever had with cards from Le Target. First, the next great superstar, Bryce Harper. Then, the current superstar, Albert Pujols.

Albert Pujols 2011 Topps Commemorative Patch #TLMP-AP

(Again not my image)
This is my first Pujols hit in any way shape or form and it came from a blaster. I wasn't expecting much at all from this product and am truly happy with it. I really just wanted a Diamond Giveaway card, which I did get. What did it bring?

Here is a list of everything available for trade.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

2011 Bowman

Target is a wonderful place, it truly is. It allows one to get birthday shopping done for 6 year olds, 30 somethings, buy groceries and of course feel like a kid again looking for baseball cards. The target I went to had been scavenged like a scene from "The Road" but I had to see if any scraps remained.

At first it didn't seem like I would be lucky. A dad and two young boys were scouring the cardboard keeping me away. They finally decided on 2010 Football something and allowed me to persue in peace. I found a ton of junk and a few blasters of Topps Series I and Topps Heritage, but no Bowman. The pack cartridge with Bowman actually had dust built up on it, long empty. But then I looked up, and there it was, a blister pack. There are no witnesses to attest to it, but I swear there was a glow around the package when I saw it.

Naturally I couldn't let it go. Who could?

2011 Bowman 68 Justin Upton Diamondbacks
2011 Bowman 84 Travis Wood Reds
2011 Bowman 90 Manny Ramirez Rays
2011 Bowman 96 Chris Carpenter Cardinals
2011 Bowman 103 Alexei Ramirez White Sox
2011 Bowman 114 David Wright Mets
2011 Bowman 156 Pedro Alvarez Pirates
2011 Bowman 163 Roy Oswalt Phillies
2011 Bowman 175 Ryan Braun Brewers
2011 Bowman 211 Gregory Infante White Sox
2011 Bowman Prospects BP-32 Albert Cartwright Astros
2011 Bowman Prospects BP-39 Aaron Baker Pirates
2011 Bowman Prospects BP-45 Brandon Guyer Rays
2011 Bowman Prospects BP-95 Addison Reed White Sox
2011 Bowman Prospects BP-59 Ronald Bermudez Red Sox
2011 Bowman Prospects BP-108 Carlos Perez Braves
2011 Bowman Chrome Prospects BP-34 Ben Paulsen Rockies
2011 Bowman Chrome Prospects BP-40 Deryk Hooker Cardinals
2011 Bowman Chrome Prospects BP-48 Adam Warren Yankees
2011 Bowman Chrome Prospects BP-54 Gabriel Jacobo Angels
2011 Bowman Chrome Prospects BP-61 Matt Magill Dodgers
2011 Bowman Chrome Prospects BP-103 Brian Fletcher Royals
2011 Bowman Gold 31 Carlos Quentin White Sox
2011 Bowman Gold 176 Justin Morneau Twins
2011 Bowman Gold 86 Jake Peavy White Sox
2011 Bowman International 165 Jaime Garcia Cardinals
2011 Bowman Finest Futures FF-5 Mike Stanton Marlins
2011 Bowman Bowman's Brightest BBR-4 Paul Goldschmidt Diamondbacks
2011 Bowman Topps 100 TP-89 Mike Moustakas Royals
2011 Bowman Prospects Purple BP-64 Cody Puckett Reds
2011 Bowman Prospects Purple BP-50 Mychal Givens Orioles


2011 Bowman Prospects Purple BP-1 Bryce Harper Nationals

Not too bad for $9. The Givens is not available and the Harper is up for sale on eBay. Everything else is available for trade. I also grabbed some Topps Series I and Opening Day to be posted at a later date.

My scanner is still broken, so the Harper image is not of the exact card.

A History Lesson

I have always thought of myself as a huge Orioles fan and many people call me "the biggest Orioles fan they know." But I missed out on a lot of history before I was born. To me, the Orioles history began in 1983 with a World Series win that wasn't recognized until 1985 when I started following the team. The 70's were fuzzy, the 60's blurry and the 50's damn near blacked out in my view of the team. Then a funny thing happened, I started collecting autographs.

I compiled a list of every player and found out I knew more of them than I thought. With each name and autograph I track down I am piecing that history together. And that is where Johnny Oates comes in.

I knew Johnny, the manager. I didn't know Johnny, the first round draft choice, defensive stalwart or trade fodder for Earl Williams or Taylor Duncan. I knew the manager who got us winning again. The manager of my idol. The manager unceremoniously dismissed by an evil owner.

I remember this Johnny:

But I have gotten to know this Johnny:

Researching his stats and history I have found some interesting stuff that makes me believe that Johnny was like the rest of Oriole Nation. He must have loathed the Yankees, even though he caught for them for two seasons.

As a player with the Dodgers, the Yankees dashed his hopes of a World Series title. Not just in 1977, but also the very next season as well. The Yankees were the last team he played for, signalling an end to his on field career. Then as a manager for the Texas Rangers he met the Yankees in three different playoff series'. Each appearance was ended by the Joe Torre led New York club. Adding insult to injury, the Yankees won the World Series each year they eliminated Johnny.

Even if Johnny didn't have hate in his heart, I will carry that torch for him.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Scans As Promised, Part Deux

Here we go again.

Jake Fox 2010 Upper Deck Documentary #159

Kevin Gregg 2008 Topps #16

Kevin Gregg 2011 Orioles Topps #BAL-13

Adam Kennedy 2006 Upper Deck #1

Wayne Kirby Orioles Crown Blank NNO

David Pauley 2004 Bowman #300

Chris Ray 2008 Topps Heritage Black Back #45

Luis Rodriquez 2006 Upper Deck #697

Koji Uehara 2011 Topps Diamond Anniversary #164

Matt Wieters 2011 Orioles Topps Camden Yards

I am still torn about keeping the Jake Fox or not so as of now it is staying put. The Chris Ray is suplanting this:
2007 Artifacts Autofacts #AF-RA

All else is available. LMK if you see anything you like.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Scans As Promised, Part 1

Here are the visuals from Wednesday, May 11th.

Jack Cust 2004 Topps #478

Jack got slightly distracted by questions about growing up in New Jersey, thus his autograph having a tail.

Doug Fister 2007 Bowman Draft Picks #DP-38

Mike Gonzalez 2010 Topps Update #256

I now have three of these guys signed, these two are looking for a good home.

Jeremy Guthrie 2009 Topps #194

Jim Palmer 1991 Orioles Crown #349

I see a lot of differences from the ones he gave me when I paid for them. Anyone else see it.

Brendan Ryan 2008 Topps #353

Brendan Ryan 2005 Bowman #285

Luke Scott 2011 Orioles Topps #BAL-8

Jack Wilson 2010 Topps #411

Jack Wilson 2008 Upper Deck #207

The Cust will be making its way into the collection, pushing a 2004 Orioles Postcard onto the trading blocks. everything else is also available if anyone needs.
Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow.

Friday, May 13, 2011

May 12th Graphing Recap

I woke on Thursday determined to not let work get in the way of my graphing habit. I am proud to say that it did not, softball did. More on that later.

I arrived to the players’ parking lot around noon, nearly two and a half hours earlier than Wednesday. I am glad that I did. I caught up with a few other faces that had been hounding on Wednesday, all of us hoping for a good day.

Kevin Gregg got us off to a great start. He also recommended to the guy who was calling to him to remember the word “please”. He advised it would probably help in the future. It turns out he was right. Kevin Gregg 2/2

No more than five minutes later Matt Wieters pulls in. All the players were loaded up with luggage for the impending road trip so they had to use the ramp directly in front of us. The stairs would have been too treacherous. Matt came face to face with us and did not disappoint the eight of us waiting for him. Unfortunately I am all out of Wieters items so I had a Camden Yards card signed. I think I need a pennant or photo to get signed when I am out of cards. Maybe next time. Matt Wieters 1/1

Then we hit a dry spell.
Jason Berken 0/1
Buck Showalter 0/1
Jim Johnson 0/1
Chris Tillman 0/1

We all thought that when Koji Uehara came in it would be more of the same. But for the first time this season (according to the professionals) he signed before entering the stadium. I held out two cards to him and he mumbled something I could not understand. Apparently it was “only one”, as my bottom card was returned unsigned.

Then we went cold again. Robert Andino looked poised to sign but a verbal sparring match between Cesar Izturis and a jack-ass dealer made him change his mind. Arguing with a player will not make him miraculously change his mind and sign for you. Especially when you have “dealer” stamped all over your face.

Robert Andino 0/1
Cesar Izturis 0/1

Jake Arrieta (0/1) and Brad Bergesen (0/1) teamed up to deny us. They just carried on their conversation as if we were not there.

Willie Randolph didn’t even look up when I said hello and wished the O’s luck. I didn’t dare mention anything about signing, which was obviously not going to happen (0/1).

I thought Koji would be our last score. Jeremy Accardo (1/1), Jake Fox (1/1) and Wayne Kirby (1/1) all made sure that wasn’t the case. Unfortunately for me I didn’t have any cards for Accardo and Kirby and had to have them sign blanks. Speaking of blanks, I had Fox from last year on a Crown blank, but was able to get him on an actual card this year, a Cubs card. I am not sure what to do, keep the actual card as a Cub or the Orioles blank? Any suggestions?

Then the Mariners got in the mix. Cabs had been dropping staff off by Home Plate Plaza for about an hour before a player emerged from a car. Luis Rodriguez and Chone Figgins were the first to appear. Figgins stonewalled everyone, while Rodriguez could not have been nicer. He signed from the cab to the locked stadium entrance, then to the tunnel beneath the stadium.

Adam Kennedy was by himself and had no issues signing. Ex-Oriole Chris Ray appeared with fellow reliever David Pauley and held court. Ray signed anything that was put in front of him. Pauley wasn’t known, but the first ball he signed he inscribed “39”. Our crack team of experts then uncovered his identity and it was on. A couple kids had arrived late to the party and didn’t have anything for the Mariners to sign. I helped one kid out with a Chris Ray and David Pauley card. Pauley noticed me helping him and we started talking about kids being the most important part about the hobby. He collected some as a kid but isn’t sure where they are now. He mentioned that working with Ken Griffey Jr. is a little surreal, as he was his idol growing up. When Pauley finished signing he actually asked “Is that it? Nothing else”? Sorry David, all out.

Between successes we were turned down by the rest of the Orioles squad. Their favorite move is hanging up their suit jackets or shirts, and then hiding behind them. “Dude”. We saw you drive in, we know who you are.

I collected 14 autographs, gave away Ray, Pauley, Accardo and one Jake Fox. I contemplated waiting around for the game and Oriole Autograph series but my softball season started that evening. I chose rest and relaxation over paying $10 to watch BP and not get any Orioles.

I will start posting pictures of my two day score tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11th Game Recap

Let me start by saying this will be a longer post, sans pictures. Scanner still sucks and wifey will have to scan pics for me today at work. Thanks for your patience. Now on with the story.

Yesterday was a great day to be out graphing. I took off work Wednesday-Friday to get some work done around the house, but also to get out to the Yard. So on Wednesday, the first day of my vacation, where was I at 1pm? If you said, "A work meeting". You'd be right. My boss was promoted and their is some changes above me. The powers that be thought a meeting was better than an email. They thought wrong.

I arrived at the stadium around 2:45, a good 3 hours later than originally planned and missed a rack session. Every person on the roster that I needed signed, a mere 30 minutes before I showed. Derrek Lee? Check. JJ Hardy? You betcha. Mark Reynolds? Yep him too. Cesar Izturis? Uh huh. Vlad? He's the one that failed to sign. The only one.

I made small talk with the graphers there and learned a valuable lesson. Active duty military uniforms are the key to having players stop. They all saw a soldier and thanked him for his service to our country by signing for him. It was awesome.

I thought pre-game would be a bust until I was let on to Jack Cust walking toward Home Plate Plaza. I sauntered over and got him on a Topps card just before he disappeared for warm-up (upgrade). Back at the Orioles parking lot Mike Gonzalez hopped from his golf cart to sign. This guy is quickly becoming one of my favorites. He always signs.

That was it for outside. I waited a few hours and entered the stadium right at 5pm, only to learn since I don't have season tickets, all I can do is watch from the flag court until 5:30. Good thing I'm over six feet tall and could see the action.

As 5:30 came I hustled to try and catch the O's signing during batting practice, but they stop BP at 5:30. Funny how that works. I was able to grab a Jeremy Guthrie sig before he took off to the clubhouse.

My park inexperience came out when I incorrectly thought a section was roped off and missed out on Jake Arrieta. Whoops. I saw Rick Dempsey on the field, pulled out my 8x10, then watched him take a phone call and duck into the tunnel, never to be seen again. Doh.

So I convened with the "Military Magnet" (that's what I dubbed him), and a few other graphers. One of which I actually worked with a few years back. It's a small sports world afterall. Everyone wanted Ken Griffey Jr., was hoping for Ichiro and expected nothing. That's how it started. Ichiro ignored us and took off to the air conditioned bowels of the stadium.

Jack Wilson, Brendan Ryan and Justin Smoak on the otherhand took care of us fans. I didn't have anything for Smoak so I got out of the way for those that did. When Ryan had signed for everyone, he looked around and said "Is that it?". He seemed disappointed when we thanked him to hustle him away. Jack Wilson was also extremely nicea dn signed everything we had. No one else came over until BP was over.

A few of us called his name expecting him to disregard us like the million others. But Griffey instead startled us with, "I'm only signing two". Said like a true ass. We all thought he was kidding but Griffey is a man of his word. "Military Magnet" and "Little Kid" were the lucky two. Each got their baseball signed on the sweet spot with every single letter legible. These were better graphs than what is released in packs. Lucky bastards.

The O's came back out late and can't sign after 7pm so I was SOL there as well. At least they took care of business on the field with a 4-2 win. I hung out with Geoff and Brent for most of the game and then decided to try my luck outside the stadium following the win.

No more than 10 minutes outside Jim Palmer was walking to his primo parking spot and actually stopped. He signed for Geoff and saw me pulling out my cards. He mumbled, "Oh no. You're one of those collector guys" and took off. I mustered up the courage to respond with "Yeah. I collect autographs of my favorite team and Hall of Famers". He failed to acknowledge my existence. Kids who were born 20 years after his career ended were clammoring for his signature. Probably to go up on Dads wall. Palmer even chastised a 3 year old for forgetting to say "please". When he was done with all the kids he turned to leave. Too bad for him I wasn't letting that happen. He relented after my pleading and signed. Such a bad signature, but a HOFer nonetheless.

Security is awful out there. I was yelled at for calling to a player to get them to stop and was forced 15 feet from the roadway. That meant that no players stopped, what a waste. I was able to snag Doug Fister of the Mariners as he walked past, thanks to the keen eye of my newest best friend, Geoff.

I packed up my gear to head out and saw Luke Scott and Derrek Lee get into their vehicles. Lee must have been a running back in High School because he used Luke Scott's SUV as a perfect blocker and escaped without so much as a "hey". Luke Scott signed for all of us left. All 4 of us. I had him sign 2 cards for me and gave one to a youngster.

All-in-all I did better with the M's than the O's. I was only able to upgrade one postcard and now have a bunch of cards for trade.

Here is the breakdown:
Jack Cust 1/1
Mike Gonzalez 2/2
Jeremy Guthrie 1/1
Jack Wilson 2/2
Brendan Ryan 2/2
Justin Smoak 0/0
Ken Griffey Jr. 0/1
Jim Palmer 1/1
Luke Scott 2/2

Hopefully pictures will be posted soon.

Fred Marsh Upgrade

My previous post about Fred Marsh can be found here.

I was able to purchase a signed Crown card of Fred for what I believe to be a great deal. His card came in last week and I am just getting around to sharing.

Fred Marsh 1991 Orioles Crown #277

Marsh was destined to be an Oriole. His path to donning the orange and black had more twists than an episode of "Lost".

Here is his timeline:
1942 Drafted by Chicago Cubs
1943-45 United States Navy WWII
1946 Tacoma Class B Affiliate of Cubs
1947 Traded to Cleveland Indians
1949 Major League Debut for Indians, pinch runner, 1 game
1951 Traded to St. Louis Browns, first full season in Bigs
1952 May 12th-Traded to Washington Senators
1952 June 10th-Traded back to St. Louis Browns
1953 Traded to White Sox
1954 Traded once again, this time to the Orioles
1956 May 29th-Final game in the Big Leagues, with the Orioles
1958 Retired from professional baseball

The Browns/Orioles franchise owned him three times and dealt him twice over a four year span in the early 50's. But Marsh kept coming back to them and now his Crown card will takes its rightful place in my collection. At least for this collector, ending his back and forth journey to Baltimore.

Trade Bait

A link to the Oriole Master list is on my sidebar, I am looking for anyone not on that list. First priority as an Oriole. If a player is listed as ***Team***, that means they have an Orioles card, I need an upgrade. If you can't hit any of those needs, I have started to take a look at vintage O's. LMK.

Auto's Year Brand Number Team
Accardo, Jeremy Orioles Crown Blank (IP Autograph) NNO Orioles
Alexander, Manny 1992 Classic Best (IP Autograph) 119 Suns
Alfonseca, Antonio 2008 Upper Deck (IP Autograph) 194 Phillies
Anderson, Brady 1996 Bowman (IP Autograph) 110 Orioles
Andino, Robert 2006 Topps (IP Autograph) 313 Marlins
Andino, Robert 2010 Topps Heritage (IP Autograph) 71 Orioles
Arko, Tommy 2001 Topps (IP Autograph w/Dan Moylan) 741 Orioles
Arrieta, Jake 2011 Topps Orioles (IP Autograph) BAL-1 Orioles
Bamberger, George 1977 Orioles Photo Album (IP Autograph) 2 Orioles
Bell, Eric 1988 Topps (TTM Autograph) 383 Orioles
Bell, Josh 1991 Orioles Crown Blank (IP Autograph) NNO Orioles
Benitez, Armando 1995 Topps (IP Autograph) 346 Orioles
Bennett, Joel 1994 Bowman (TTM autograph) 287 Red Sox
Benson, Kris 2005 Leaf (IP Autograph) 161 Mets
Berken, Jason 2010 Orioles FanFest Postcard (IP Autograph) NNO Orioles
Berken, Jason 2011 Orioles Fanfest Postcard (IP Autograph) NNO Orioles
Berken, Jason 2011 Orioles Fanfest Postcard (IP Autograph) NNO Orioles
Bigbie, Larry 2003 Topps Total (IP Autograph) 476 Orioles
Boddicker, Mike 1988 Donruss (IP Autograph) 89 Orioles
Boone, Dan 1991 Score (TTM Autograph) 715 Orioles
Botts, Jason 2002 Topps (IP Autograph) 682 Rangers
Bradley, Phil 1989 Score Rookie Traded (TTM Autograph) T44 Orioles
Bumbry, Al 1984 Topps (TTM Autograph) 319 Orioles
Burres, Brian 2007 Sweet Spot Sweet Beginnings Signatures 109 Orioles
Carey, Paul 1994 Topps (TTM Autograph) 4 Orioles
Corey, Mark 1991 Orioles Crown (TTM Autograph) 85 Orioles
Crouthers, Dave 2004 Bowman's Best Autograph BB-DC Orioles
Cuellar, Mike 2005 Topps Retired Signature Autographs MC Orioles
Davis, Storm 1984 Topps (IP Autograph) 140 Orioles
Dempsey, Rick 1991 Orioles Crown Blank (IP Autograph) NNO Orioles
Devarez, Cesar 1996 Score (IP Autograph) 264 Orioles
Devereaux, Mike 1991 Orioles Crown (IP Autograph) 103 Orioles
Dixon, Ken 1987 Donruss (IP Autograph) 171 Orioles
Driskill, Travis 2002 Fleer Tradition Update (TTM Autograph) U-4 Orioles
Dropo, Walt 1990 Swell Baseball Greats (IP Autograph) 111 Red Sox
Elder, Rick 2001 Bowman Draft Picks (IP Autograph) BDP62 Orioles
Fasano, Sal 1997 Score (IP Autograph) 70 Royals
Fassero, Jeff 1997 Ultra Gold Medallion (IP Autograph) G-228 Expos
Felder, Mike 1991 Fleer (IP Autograph) 583 Brewers
Ford, Dan 1985 Topps (IP Autograph) 252 Orioles
Ford, Dave 1981 Fleer (TTM Autograph) 192 Orioles
Gaines, Joe Index Card (TTM Autograph)
Garcia, Kiko 1978 Topps (TTM) 287 Orioles
Gathright, Joey 2005 SPx (IP Autograph) 63 Rays
Gerhart, Ken 1988 Fleer (IP Autograph) 559 Orioles
Gerhart, Ken 1988 Topps (TTM Autograph) 271 Orioles
Gerhart, Ken 1989 Fleer (TTM Autograph) 609 Orioles
Gerhart, Ken 1989 Score (TTM Autograph) 506 Orioles
Gerhart, Ken 1989 Topps (TTM Autograph) 598 Orioles
Gomez, Leo 1994 Score (IP Autograph) 55 Orioles
Gonzales, Rene 1988 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 582 Orioles
Gonzales, Rene 1989 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 377 Orioles
Gonzales, Rene 1990 Donruss (IP Autograph) 401 Orioles
Gonzalez, Mike 2007 Topps Heritage (IP Autograph) 241 Braves
Gonzalez, Mike 2003 Leaf (IP Autograph) 317 Pirates
Goodwin, Curtis 1994 Fleer Excel (IP Autograph) 6 Frederick Keys
Griffin, Mike 1988 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 494 Orioles
Grimsley, Ross 1976 Topps (IP Autograph) 257 Orioles
Gross, Wayne 1986 O-Pee-Chee (TTM Autograph) 233 Orioles
Habyan, John 1988 Fleer ER (IP Autograph) 562 Orioles
Hall, Dick 2011 Orioles Fanfest Postcard (IP Autograph) NNO Orioles
Hall, Josh 2004 Playoff Prestige X-tra Bases Green /150 (IP Autograph) 54 Reds
Harnisch, Pete 1989 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 44 Orioles
Harnisch, Pete 1989 Score Rookie Traded (TTM Autograph) T110 Orioles
Harnisch, Pete 1990 Upper Deck (TTM Autograph) 623 Orioles
Harrison, Roric 1973 Topps (IP Autograph) 229 Orioles
Hart, Mike 1988 Topps (TTM Autograph) 69 Orioles
Hart, Mike 1988 Topps (TTM Autograph) 69 Orioles
Hendricks, Elrod 1987 Orioles Postcard (IP Autograph) NNO Orioles
Hernandez, Carlos 2002 Bowman (IP Autograph) 147 Astros
Hernandez, David 2009 Topps 206 (TTM Autograph) 41 Orioles
Hickey, Kevin 1990 Upper Deck (TTM Autograph) 299 Orioles
Hickey, Kevin 1991 Fleer (TTM Autograph) 475 Orioles
Hoiles, Chris 1996 Score (TTM Autograph) 136 Orioles
Hoiles, Chris 1991 Ultra (IP Autograph) 17 Orioles
Johnson, Dave W. 1991 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 126 Orioles
Johnson, Dave W. 1991 Upper Deck (TTM Autograph) 299 Orioles
Johnson, Tripper 2001 Topps (IP Autograph w/Scott Thorman) 354 Orioles
Jones, Doug 1995 Custom Baseball Card (TTM Autograph) NNO A's
Jones, Doug 1995 Custom Baseball Card (TTM Autograph) NNO A's
Kamieniecki, Scott 1997 Ultra (TTM Autograph) 498 Orioles
Kennedy, Terry 1988 Score (IP Autograph) 123 Orioles
Kittle, Ron 1991 Fleer (IP Autograph) 480 Orioles
Klingenbeck, Scott 1994 Bowman (TTM autograph) 86 Orioles
Klingenbeck, Scott Index Card (TTM Autograph) NNO
Knott, Jon 2007 Artifacts Autofacts AU-JK Orioles
Komminsk, Brad 1990 Topps Traded (IP Autograph) T-53 Orioles
Komminsk, Brad 1991 Orioles Crown (TTM Autograph) 246 Orioles
Logan, Nook 2007 Topps Heritage (IP Autograph) 442 Nationals
Logan, Nook 2003 Donruss (IP Autograph) 58 Tigers
Logan, Nook 2003 Fleer Showcase (IP Autograph) 133 Tigers
Mahoney, Joseph 2008 Bowman Prospects (TTM Autograph) BP-74 Orioles
Majewski, Val 2004 Just Minors Autograph 57 Minors
Marsh, Fred 1955 Index Card (TTM Autograph) NNO Index Card
Martinez, Dennis 1982 Donruss (IP Autograph) 79 Orioles
Martinez, Tippy 1983 Fleer (TTM Autograph) 65 Orioles
Mata, Frank 2009 O-Pee-Chee Team Checklist (IP Autograph) 501 ***
McDonald, Darnell 2000 Just (IP Autograph) 58 Minors
McGregor, Scott 1986 O-Pee-Chee (TTM Autograph) 110 Orioles
McGregor, Scott 1988 Topps (IP Autograph) 419 Orioles
McGregor, Scott 1988 Topps (IP Autograph) 419 Orioles
McGregor, Scott 1988 Topps (IP Autograph) 419 Orioles
McGregor, Scott 1988 Topps (TTM Autograph) 419 Orioles
Mickolio, Kam 2009 Bowman Chrome Prospect (IP Autograph) BCP-129 Orioles
Milacki, Bob 1989 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 651 Orioles
Milacki, Bob 1989 Topps (TTM Autograph) 324 Orioles
Milacki, Bob 1990 Upper Deck (TTM Autograph) 635 Orioles
Milacki, Bob 1991 Fleer (TTM Autograph) 483 Orioles
Milacki, Bob 1992 Topps (TTM Autograph) 408 Orioles
Miller, Dyar 2006 Memphis Redbirds (TTM Autograph) 27 Memphis Redbirds
Miller, Dyar 1975 Topps (TTM Autograph) 614 Orioles
Miller, Dyar 1975 Topps (TTM Autograph) Smeared 614 Orioles
Minor, Ryan 1998 Bowman's Best (IP Autograph) 152 Orioles
Minor, Ryan 1999 SP Authentic Chirography RM Orioles
Minor, Ryan 1999 Upper Deck Victory (IP Autograph) 42 Orioles
Minor, Ryan 2000 Bowman (IP Autograph) 310 Orioles
Minor, Ryan 2000 Skybox (IP Autograph) 82 Orioles
Mirabella, Paul 1982 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 629 Blue Jays
Mitchell, John 1991 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 710 Orioles
Mitchell, John 1991 Topps (TTM Autograph) 708 Orioles
Mohr, Dustan 2005 Topps Gold (IP Autograph) 485 Rockies
Moore, Scott 2008 Topps Update & Highlights Autograph HA-SM Orioles
Morales, Jose 1977 Topps (TTM Autograph) 102 Expos
Ndumgidi, Ntemi 1998 Topps (IP Autograph w/Darnell McDonald) 490 Orioles
Niedenfuer, Tom 1988 Topps (TTM Autograph) 242 Orioles
Niedenfuer, Tom 1988 Topps (TTM Autograph) 242 Orioles
Niedenfuer, Tom 1989 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 282 Orioles
Niedenfuer, Tom 1989 Score (TTM Autograph) 252 Orioles
Niedenfuer, Tom 1989 Topps (TTM Autograph) 651 Orioles
Niedenfuer, Tom 1989 Topps (TTM Autograph) 651 Orioles
Nieves, Wil 2007 Topps '52 (IP Autograph) 137 Yankees
Oberkfell, Ken 1986 Topps (IP Autograph) 334 Braves
O'Donoghue, John 1994 Collector's Choice (TTM Autograph) 217 Orioles
Ohlendorf, Ross 2008 Topps (IP Autograph) 102 Yankees
Ohlendorf, Ross 2008 Topps Heritage (IP Autograph) 137 Yankees
Olson, Gregg 1989 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 46 Orioles
Olson, Gregg 1991 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 23 Orioles
Olson, Gregg 1991 Topps (TTM Autograph) 10 Orioles
Olson, Gregg 1992 Score (TTM Autograph) 71 Orioles
Olson, Gregg 1993 Fleer (TTM Autograph) 173 Orioles
Olson, Gregg 1994 Score Gold Rush (TTM Autograph) 525 Orioles
Orsulak, Joe 2010 Orioles Fanfest Postcard (IP Autograph) NNO
Paradis, Mike 2000 Topps Traded Autographs T69 Orioles
Patton, Troy 2008 Topps (IP Autograph) 176 Astros
Patton, Troy Orioles Crown Blank (IP Autograph) NNO Orioles
Poole, Jim 1992 Topps (TTM Autograph) 683 Orioles
Powell, Boog 1991 Orioles Crown (IP Autograph) 367 Orioles
Raines Jr., Tim 2000 Frederick Keys Grandstand (IP Autograph) 7 Keys
Raines Jr., Tim 2000 Just (IP Autograph) 177 Minors
Raines Jr., Tim 2002 Upper Deck Vintage (IP Autograph) 61 Orioles
Raines, Tim 1995 Donruss (IP Autograph) 75 White Sox
Rayford, Floyd 1985 Topps (TTM Autograph) 341 Orioles
Rayford, Floyd 1988 Topps (TTM Autograph) 296 Orioles
Reed, Keith 2000 SP Top Prospects (IP Autograph) 86 Minors
Reimold, Nolan 2005 Bowman Heritage (IP Autograph) 256 Orioles
Rettenmund, Merv 1972 Topps (TTM Autograph) 71 Orioles
Reynolds, Bob Index Card (TTM Autograph)
Richard, Chris 2001 Fleer Tradition (IP Autograph) 365 Orioles
Richard, Chris 2002 Topps (IP Autograph) 588 Orioles
Richard, Chris 2002 Topps (IP Autograph) 588 Orioles
Richard, Chris 2002 Upper Deck Vintage (IP Autograph) 58 Orioles
Richert, Pete 2004 Upper Deck Legends Timeless Teams (IP Autograph) 48 Orioles
Riley, Matt 2000 Just Autographs BA-25 Baysox
Riley, Matt 1999 SP Top Prospects (IP Autograph) 10 Minors
Rineer, Jeff Index Card "#43 '79 O's" (TTM Autograph) Orioles
Ripken, Billy 1992 Pinnacle (TTM Autograph) 336 Orioles
Roberts, Brian 2005 Prime Patches Next Generation Autograph NG-1 Orioles
Roenicke, Gary 1983 Fleer (TTM Autograph) 71 Orioles
Sarfate, Dennis 2007 Topps '52 (IP Autograph) 39 Brewers
Schmidt, Dave 1989 Topps (TTM Autograph) 677 Orioles
Schmidt, Dave 1998 Delmarva Shorebirds (TTM Autograph) 3 Orioles
Schu, Rick 1989 Score (TTM Autograph) 452 Orioles
Schu, Rick 1989 Topps (TTM Autograph) 352 Orioles
Scott, Lorenzo 2005 Topps Update & Highlights (TTM Autograph) UH247 Orioles
Segui, David 1991 Fleer (TTM Autograph) 492 Orioles
Segui, David 1991 Topps (TTM Autograph) 724 Orioles
Segui, David 1991 Upper Deck (TTM Autograph) 342 Orioles
Segui, David 1992 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 321 Orioles
Segui, David 1992 Topps (TTM Autograph) 447 Orioles
Segui, David 1994 Fleer (TTM Autograph) 20 Orioles
Segui, David 2002 Fleer Tradition (IP Autograph) 165 Orioles
Seguignol, Fernando 1999 Fleer Tradition Warning Track (IP Autograph) W-99 Expos
Sequea, Jacobo 1999 SP Top Prospects (IP Autograph) 107 Orioles
Sheets, Larry 1989 Fleer (IP Autograph) 620 Orioles
Sheets, Larry 1989 Fleer (TTM Autograph) 620 Orioles
Sheets, Larry 1989 Score (IP Autograph) 81 Orioles
Sheets, Larry 2010 Orioles Fanfest Postcard (IP Autograph) NNO Orioles
Sherrill, George 2009 Topps (TTM Autograph) 18 Orioles
Singleton, Ken 1983 Fleer (TTM Autograph) 73 Orioles
Sisk, Doug 1989 Fleer (TTM Autograph) 621 Orioles
Sisk, Doug 1989 Score (TTM Autograph) 264 Orioles
Sisk, Doug 1989 Score (TTM Autograph) 264 Orioles
Sisk, Doug 1989 Score (TTM Autograph) 264 Orioles
Sisk, Doug 1989 Topps (TTM Autograph) 13 Orioles
Sisk, Doug 1989 Topps (TTM Autograph) 13 Orioles
Sisk, Doug 1991 Orioles Crown (TTM Autograph) 422 Orioles
Sleater, Lou 1991 Topps Archives 1953 (IP Autograph) 224 Senators
Snell, Nate 2010 Orioles Fanfest Postcard (IP Autograph) NNO Orioles
Snyder, Matt 1997 Bowman (IP Autograph) 404 Orioles
Stanicek, Pete 1989 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 169 Orioles
Stanicek, Pete 1989 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 169 Orioles
Stanicek, Pete 1989 Score (TTM Autograph) 236 Orioles
Stanicek, Pete 1989 Score (TTM Autograph) 236 Orioles
Stefero, John 1987 Topps (TTM Autograph) 563 Orioles
Stoddard, Tim 1983 Fleer (TTM Autograph) 75 Orioles
Tarasco, Tony 1996 Ultra Gold Medallion (IP Autograph) 310 Orioles
Tatum, Craig Orioles Crown Blank (IP Autograph) NNO Orioles
Telford, Anthony 1991 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 501 Orioles
Telford, Anthony 1991 Score (TTM Autograph) 354 Orioles
Thompson, Milt 1994 Upper Deck Electric Diamond (IP Autograph) 184 Phillies
Thompson, Milt 1995 Pinnacle Museum Collection (IP Autograph) 83 Phillies
Thurmond, Mark 1989 Topps (TTM Autograph "ROM 1:16") 152 Orioles
Thurmond, Mark 1989 Topps (TTM Autograph "ROM 1:16") 152 Orioles
Thurmond, Mark 1989 Topps (TTM Autograph) 152 Orioles
Torres, Eider 2003 Bowman (IP Autograph) 169 Indians
Towers, Josh 2002 Upper Deck (IP Autograph) 141 Orioles
Tucker, Manon 1999 Topps (IP Autograph w/Rick Elder) 217 Orioles
Tucker, Matt 2010 Bowman Prospects (TTM Autograph) BP-72 Orioles
Valdez, Wilson 2003 Leaf (IP Autograph) 303 Expos
Van Gorder, Dave Index Card (TTM Autograph) NNO Index Card
Vineyard, Dave Index Card (TTM Autograph)
Walker, Neil 2010 Topps National Chicle (IP Autograph) 265 Pirates
Weston, Mickey 1990 Score (IP Autograph) 616 Orioles
Weston, Mickey Pro Athletes Outreach Religious Tri Fold (TTM Autograph) NNO Orioles
Weston, Mickey 1990 International League (IP Autograph) 3 Red Wings
Wieters, Matt 2011 Orioles FanFest Postcard (IP Autograph) NNO Orioles
Wieters, Matt 2007 Tri-Star Pro Debut (IP Autograph) 53 Ironbirds
Wigginton, Ty 2002 Fleer Tradition Update (IP Autograph) U-169 Mets
Williams, Jerome 2004 Playoff Prestige (IP Autograph) 167 Giants
Williams, Mike 2000 MLB Showdown (IP Autograph) 355 Pirates
Williamson, Mark 1988 Topps (TTM Autograph) 571 Orioles
Williamson, Mark 1989 Score (TTM Autograph) 592 Orioles
Williamson, Mark 1991 Fleer (TTM Autograph) 495 Orioles
Witt, Bobby 1990 Topps (IP Autograph) 166 Rangers
Worrell, Tim 2004 Topps (TTM Autograph) 38 Giants
Worthington, Craig 1989 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 569 Orioles
Worthington, Craig 1989 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 569 Orioles
Worthington, Craig 1989 Fleer (TTM Autograph) 627 Orioles
Worthington, Craig 1989 Topps (TTM Autograph) 181 Orioles
Worthington, Craig 1991 Topps (TTM Autograph) 73 Orioles

Game Used Year Card Number Team
Miguel Tejada 2003 Fleer Genuine Longball Threats Jersey MT Athletics
Miguel Tejada 2003 Sweet Spot Patches MT1 Athletics
Kelly Shoppach 2009 SP Authentic By The Letter Autograph #'d 18/38 BTL-KS Indians
Al Leiter 2005 Diamond Kings Framed Green Dual Swatch #'d 24/25 144 Mets
Brady Anderson 2001 E-x Behind the Numbers Jersey NNO Orioles
Geronimo Gil 2003 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Red Jersey #'d /250 21 Orioles
Larry Bigbie 2004 Leaf Certified Materials Red Jersey #'d 216/250 121 Orioles
Miguel Tejada 2004 Bowman Sterling Jersey BS-MT2 Orioles
Miguel Tejada 2004 Leather and Lumber Bat #'d 88/100 22 Orioles
Rafael Palmeiro 2004 Leaf Limited Lumberjacks Bat #'d 22/50 LJ-27 Orioles
Rafael Palmeiro 2005 National Pastime Grand Old Gamers Jersey GOG-RP Orioles
Sammy Sosa 2005 Origins Old Judge Materials Jersey OJ-SS Orioles
Brian Roberts 2006 Bowman Sterling Refractor Jersey BS-BR Orioles
Brian Roberts 2006 Flair Showcase Showcase Stitches SS-BR Orioles
Brian Roberts 2006 Topps Turkey Red Relics TRR-BR Orioles
Brian Roberts 2007 Topps Allen & Ginter Relics AGR-BR Orioles
Brian Roberts 2007 Upper Deck Elements Essential Elements Dual Jersey EE-BR Orioles
Brian Roberts 2007 Upper Deck UD Game Materials UD-BR Orioles
Melvin Mora 2007 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection Relics Jersey CC-MM Orioles
Miguel Tejada 2007 Upper Deck UD Game Materials UD-MT Orioles
Daniel Cabrera 2008 Upper Deck UD Game Materials Jersey UD-DC Orioles
Miguel Tejada 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter Relics Jersey AGR-MT Orioles
Jason Kendall 2002 Fleer Platinum Clubhouse Collection Jersey JK Pirates
Jason Kendall 2002 Fleer Showcase Showcase Sticks Bat JK Pirates
Alfonso Soriano 2005 Fleer Authentix Jersey Authentix JA-AS Rangers
Hank Blalock 2005 Upper Deck ESPN Sportscenter Swatches GU-HB Rangers
B.J. Upton 2005 Upper Deck ESPN Sportscenter Swatches GU-BU Rays
Denzel Washington 2008 Upper Deck A Piece of Hollywood "Courage Under Fire" Jacket HM5
Richard Petty 2008 Sports Legends Memorabilia (Jeans) #'d 89/250 137
Denzel Washington 2009 Upper Deck A Piece of Hollywood "The Hurricane" Sweater POH-WD

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It Took Long Enough

4 hours and 8 minutes to be exact. The Orioles just outlasted the Mariners in 13 innings 7-6, compiling 20 hits. It was a great game to watch. Multiple comebacks, 4 plays at the plate and a big win for the Birds. I don't usually post game recaps but I watched the entire game and feel obligated. It's past my bed time now, good night blog-o-sphere.

A Pitching Coach Makes an Appearance in My Collection

Anyone following the Orioles from 1968-77 knows the name George Bamberger, as the pitching coach. He groomed more than 15 20-game winners, 4 in 1971 alone and was a huge part of the Orioles dominance. What most people do not know is that he never recorded a decision in his big league career. He finished his 3 year career, spanning 9 seasons, with a 0-0 record and 9.43 ERA. His sole season in Baltimore, 1959, did see his name in the box score, garnering his only save.

His minor league career was a different story. He compiled 213 wins over 18 seasons and 3 decades. He had over 1100 strikeouts and an ERA under 4.00, but couldn't get it together when called up. I guess it is true what they say, "Those who can't do, teach". No disrespect, just an observation.

George left Baltimore to manage his own club, the Milwaukee Brewers. He was their skipper from 1978-80, leading them to 2 winning campaigns in his only full seasons there. He landed in New York but never cracked .500 and headed back to Milwaukee to rekindle the magic. That didn't work. He finished his managerial career with a 458-478 record.

George Bamberger 1991 Orioles Crown #19

Just added this bad boy to my collection, not even a week after bringing this one home as well:

George Bamberger 1977 Orioles Photo Album #2

I did some research and am confident this is the 1977 O's Photo Album card but am not certain. Every year they put out a set of photos or postcards that looked exactly the same and were without numbers. Makes things a might bit confusing.

If interested the postcard is available for trade or sale. It is one of the few times I would sell an autograph because I did just buy it. Trades are preferred, but LMK either way.

There should be a good bit more activity on the blog this week as I have a bunch of new additions to get to and am planning on going to at least one game this week.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Newest Upgrade

I have been picking up a bunch of cards recently, but haven't been making any dents in my overall number. The Crown collection needs have diminished but I still have work to do.

Chris Hoiles 1991 Orioles Crown #198

For some reason I chose not to have Hoiles sign a Crown card at FanFest 2010. Whoops. So a year and a half later I had to go out and grab this one.

I now have a 1991 Ultra and 1996 Score autograph available for trade if anyone is interested. LMK.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Trade with Thoughts and Sox

With all the bogs I follow I see so many trade posts, and I felt a little left out. So I acted. I saw Adam from Thoughts and Sox had a want list I could help with.

It started with a 1992 Pinnacle Wade Boggs and quickly escalated to a bunch of Sox inserts he needed.

For my part I received these:

Sorry for the odd sized scans but my scanner is crap. Wifey has been scanning stuff at work when she has a chance.

The 1969 and 1971 Topps Leaders cards fit nicely in with my new vintage collection. The other cards are prospect cards he had to go out and buy. Half the prospects are still in the Oriole system, thus still have a shot of making my list. Now all I have to do is get em signed.

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Cherry on Top

eBay is a dangerous place but when coupled with a PayPal account with funds, watch out. Trigger happy is putting it gently. I have been making up for lost time on eBay, picking up a wide variety of cards. The one that is still leaving me scratching my head is this one:

Rocky Cherry 2007 Exquisite Collection Rookie Signatures #129

I blame Beckett for this one. When I was researching available cards of Cherry on Beckett, they listed no cards for him as an Oriole. O.K. Not a problem. A guy with 18 Oriole appearances and a 7.02 ERA doesn't usually get his mug on a lot of cardboard.

But as you can clearly see in the scan, Beckett was incorrect. he is even pictured in an Orioles cap on the back. Photoshop may be the ultimate villain here, creating a card of Cherry as an Oriole from a Cubs version. Looks like Beckett never got the memo.

When I saw this on eBay, I jumped. I just let the bidding devil take over and before I knew it, it was mine. I didn't pay much for it, that isn;t the problem. The problem is my impulse to snag it. There are so many autographs out on eBay right now that I can use for my collection, upgrades should not be my focus. Especially if I am buying it, not trading for it.

I wonder how many other players have their team information misrepresented on Beckett?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

It Ain't Worth A Thing, If It Don't Got That Sig

I just picked up this:
Steve Barber 1965 Topps #113

The scan doesn't do this card justice. It has been beat to hell over the last 46 years abd I love it. It has so much character. As a collector, pristine or Gem Mint 10, are the pinnacle for cards. But I like cards with a story. And man, if this cardboard could talk?

This two time All-Star has been neglected in his life. I knew the card was rough when I got it, but the large vertical creases are actually folds. The cardboard on the back has separated from being folded for so long. Many of Barber's minor league statistics have been dessimated by the same folds.

I can just imagine my dad flipping with this card when he was a kid. Trying to get his card to lean against a stair and beat his friends. Never once wondering if this card or any other would hold value once he was a grandfather. Kids bought, traded, flipped, chucked and even spoked the cards they spent their hard earned newspaper route money on. And it wasn't because they didn't care, it just never occured to them that cardboard could be profitable. For those kids that did have the forethought, they probably bought a house or two with their Gem Mint 10 collections.

My extremely rough Steve Barber will be treated like all my others, like a gem. He will take his spot in my binder alongside George Bamberger and Bret Barberie for all the world to see. Or just my brother when he looks through my collection. Steve passed away in 2007 of pneumonia, but his career and his card will live on in my collection and many others.