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The Baltimore Orioles have been in town since '54 and have had over 900 men don their uniform. My goal is to obtain a signed card of each player. If you have something I need, or see something you want, don't be shy, we can make a deal.

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Monday, May 3, 2010

I've Hit the Brother-Lode

My brother and I are both baseball card and autograph collectors but have very different styles. I am a "collector", whereas I have a main goal and pursue that with a fervor. My brother is a "hound", where the thrill of getting the autograph is what drives him.

With that being said, I decided to pilfer whatever autos I could from him. That may sound easy, but sorting through two monster boxes of autographs, roughly 8000 cards, can be taxing. All told I pulled 39 autographs that I needed from him. Many are of players in uniforms other than Baltimore, but have proven difficult to obtain as a Bird.

While sifting through his cards I was amazed at some of the stuff I saw. Derek Jeter? Check. Justin Morneau? Yeah. Yorkis Perez? Only 20. Yogi Berra? Of course. Andre Dawson? Only six of the sweetest autographs I have ever seen. There was a tremendous mix of studs and players that never made it, and what is truly shocking is that he could tell you a story about almost all. What a freak.

Posting pictures and blurbs about them all would take forever, so here are a few of the goodies and listing of the rest.

Damon Buford 1993 Upper Deck #691

Cesar Devarez 1996 Score #264

Craig Lefferts 1993 Topps #617

Jim Palmer 1983 Topps #490

Brad Pennington 1993 Topps #797

Jay Spurgeon 2000 Ultimate Victory #109

The Rest
Danys Baez 2000 Metal Universe (Indians)
James Baldwin 1994 Bowman (White Sox)
Denny Bautista 2000 Bowman (Marlins)
Jose Bautista 2002 Topps (Pirates)
Robbie Bell 1998 Bowman Chrome (Braves)
Chad Bradford 1999 Fleer Tradition (White Sox)
Lesli Brea 2001 Upper Deck Victory (Orioles)
Jarvis Brown 1992 Pinnacle (Twins)
Freddie Bynum 2001 Topps (A's)
Eric Byrnes 2000 Fleer Tradition Update (A's)
Ivanon Coffie 1999 SP Signature Edition (Orioles)
Archie Corbin 1991 Classic Best (Minors)
Midre Cummings 1994 Pacific (Pirates)
Jack Cust 2000 Bowman (Diamondbacks)
Eric Dubose 1999 SP Top Prospects (Minors)
Adam Eaton 1998 Bowman (Phillies)
Sal Fasano 1998 Pacific Online (Royals)
Willie Green 1995 Topps (Reds)
Mike Kinkade 1998 Bowman (Brewers)
Tim Laker 1996 Fleer (Expos)
Luis Lopez 1998 Bowman (Blue Jays)
Fernando Lunar 2001 Upper Deck Victory (Orioles)
Jeff Manto 1991 Upper Deck (Indians)
Jose Mercedes 1995 Pacific (Brewers)
Kevin Millwood 2000 Topps Gallery (Braves)
Chad Mottola 1996 Leaf Preferred (Reds)
Jimmy Myers 1996 Fleer Update (Orioles)
Tim Raines 1995 Donruss (White Sox)
Luis Rivera 1998 Bowman (Braves)
Steve Scarsone 1994 Topps (Giants)
Paul Shuey 2002 Topps (Indians)
Adam Stern 2001 Upper Deck (Braves)
Eider Torres 2003 Bowman (Indians)
Shane Turner 1993 Fleer (Mariners)
Ty Wigginton 2002 Fleer Tradition Update (Mets)
Jaret Wright 1997 Bowman (Indians)

Thanks a lot big bro, let me know when I have to watch the kids to make it up to you.


  1. Sad to say you're post is innacurate: alas, it should say "former" hound...

  2. There is a hound in there somewhere; hidden right below all the childrens toys and yard work.

  3. Hey man, any chance your bro would have any extra Jarvis Brown or Willie Green he would want to unload for a few bucks?

  4. Kirk -- do you remember seeing extras of those guys? My guess is yes on Willie Greene, but not sure on Jarvis Brown (though I may have an old 95 Baysox card signed by him that I can check on).

    You can always email me if you'd like.

    I might have other stuff you need if you have a list.