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The Baltimore Orioles have been in town since '54 and have had over 900 men don their uniform. My goal is to obtain a signed card of each player. If you have something I need, or see something you want, don't be shy, we can make a deal.

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Total Players 877/977 = 89.25%
1991 Orioles Crown Set
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pirates for Orioles

The two losingest franchises over the last 20 years have come together in an autograph trade. Obed over at The Bench has a tremendous Pirates autograph collection. He also has 15,000,000 autographs available for trade or sale. OK, I embellished slightly, he only has 1,500, but it's still a lot.

I shipped over:
Walker, Neil 2010 Topps National Chicle (IP Autograph) 265 Pirates
Williams, Mike 2000 MLB Showdown (IP Autograph) 355 Pirates
Wilson, Jack 2008 Upper Deck (IP Autograph) 207 Pirates

All I asked for in return was:

Ray Miller Orioles Postcard

This postcard was already shipped to Ryan at the end of last month.

Marty Brown 1990 Donruss Rookies #39

Not much to say about Marty Brown's playing career. He played in nine games for the Orioles in 1990, garnering three singles. After the 1991 season he found a new home in Japan playing for the Hiroshima Toyo Carp. He came back to the States to make one last attempt to reach the bigs, falling short in the Rangers organization. Brown has pin-balled back and forth from Japan as a manager and is currently the manager of the Las Vegas 51's. Now that he is stateside, I am thinking of testing his TTM habits.

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  1. I thought I recognized that Miller autograph! And I saw that Marty has signed for at least a few people from the team in Vegas this year.
    I actually have his Crown signed card in my collection but would coincidentally rather have this orange uni card.