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The Baltimore Orioles have been in town since '54 and have had over 900 men don their uniform. My goal is to obtain a signed card of each player. If you have something I need, or see something you want, don't be shy, we can make a deal.

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1991 Orioles Crown Set
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Getting A Hit For My Birthday

When I was celebrating with my family for the 4th, my brother and nephew couldn't wait any longer to give me my birthday gift. Today I turn the big 31. They had to give me my present because they both wanted to watch and "help" me open it. I got my first hobby box of the year, Topps Series II.

As I stated last week, I am a much bigger fan of the 2nd series than the 1st. So I was quite happy to bust packs with my family.

Still no scanner so here are the goods again:
Topps 60
T60-56 Roberto Alomar Indians
T60-60 Mel Ott New York Giants
T60-61 Tom Seaver Mets
T60-64 Jorge Posada Yankees
T60-67 Andrew McCutchen Pirates
T60-72 Eddie Mathews Milwaukee Braves
T60-78 Francisco Liriano Twins
T60-85 Johnny Bench Reds

60 Years of Topps
60YOT-102 Manny Ramirez Indians
60YOT-107 Roy Halladay Blue Jays
60YOT-112 Alex Rodriguez Derek Jeter Yankees
60YOT-60 Yogi Berra Yankees
60YOT-62 Jackie Robinson Brooklyn Dodgers
60YOT-69 Stan Musial Cardinals
60YOT-79 Gaylord Perry Giants
60YOT-85 Don Sutton Dodgers
60YOT-88 Ron Guidry Yankees
60YOT-90 Steve Garvey Dodgers
60YOT-99 Larry Walker Expos

60 Years of Topps Original Backs
93 Andre Dawson Expos

Before There was Topps
BTT-5 1933 Goudey

Topps Black #'d/60
394 Austin Jackson Tigers

Diamond Anniversary
300 Walter Johnson Senators (SP)
417 Miguel Cairo Reds
437 Jordan Schafer Braves
440 Grady Sizemore Indians
449 Austin Kearns Indians
487 Chris Snyder Pirates
542 Mike Pelfrey Mets
545 Jose Tabata Pirates
548 Ryan Franklin Cardinals
555 Madison Bumgarner Giants
579 Jeff Niemann Rays

Diamond Duos
DD-1 Roy Halladay Roy Oswalt Phillies
DD-16 Josh Hamilton Joey Votto Rangers/Reds
DD-27 Josh Johnson Justin Verlander Marlins/Tigers
DD-30 Sandy Koufax Clayton Kershaw Dodgers
DD-4 Adrian Gonzalez Carl Crawford Red Sox
DD-7 Frank Thomas Adam Dunn White Sox
DD-9 Adrian Beltre Elvis Andrus Rangers
DS-13 Jason Heyward Braves
DS-14 Miguel Cabrera Tigers
DS-17 Matt Holliday Cardinals
DS-22 Ryan Howard Phillies
DS-5 Joey Votto Reds
DS-6 Buster Posey Giants

Topps Gold
356 Alfonso Soriano Cubs
402 Jack Cust Mariners
452 David Freese Cardinals
463 Will Venable Padres
566 Jordan Zimmerman Nationals

Kimball Champion Minis
KC-59 Tony Gwynn Padres
KC-61 Greg Maddux Braves
KC-62 Luis Aparicio White Sox
KC-64 Jackie Robinson Brooklyn Dodgers
KC-69 Robin Roberts Phillies
KC-75 Bob Feller Indians
KC-89 Duke Snider Dodgers
KC-98 Gary Carter Mets

Topps Toppstown Series 2
TT2-10 Justin Upton Diamondbacks
TT2-3 Cliff Lee Phillies
TT2-30 Carl Crawford Red Sox
TT2-34 Ike Davis Mets
TTW-26 Trevor Cahill Athletics

Week 1 & Week 9 Hobby Shop Redemption cards.
I am happy to look at lists for base cards, I have close to the complete set.

Oh... I almost forgot the hit. My first ever auto pulled from Topps base product.

Aroldis Chapman Topps 60 Autographed Relic/50....................

Bummed it's a redemption but happy I beat the odds of 1:4500 packs. The card books at $80, not too shabby. As usual all are for trade for Orioles autos, base, prospects I need. If the Chapman doesn't have any takers, it will be bound for the Bay.


  1. nice pull, I did not realize there was a Roberts mini, will have to find that one fer sure... Oh, and HAPPY BERFDAY there young pup, hope you're having a GReat day!!

  2. Happy Birthday Kirk! And it's awesome that you pulled an autograph of the Cuban Missile!

  3. Dawg-Look no further, it is yours.

    And thanks for the well wishes guys, much appreciated.