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The Baltimore Orioles have been in town since '54 and have had over 900 men don their uniform. My goal is to obtain a signed card of each player. If you have something I need, or see something you want, don't be shy, we can make a deal.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Cut From a Different Cloth

Many past Orioles have had a very short tenure in town not allowing for their likeness to be captured on any baseball cards as an Oriole. I made a trade this week that focused on players that fit this mold. A few of these players have made appearances on Orioles Postcards or minor league affiliates cards which are not readily available. Because it is difficult to find these cards, let alone get them signed, these versions will do for now. If anyone has mid 1990's Orioles Postcards for trade I am very interested.

Kevin Bass 1992 Topps #513 (Giants)

Kevin Bass ended his 14 year major league career in the Baltimore Outfield. Even though he spent a full season here he had no major cards produced just an Oriole Postcard I have never seen.

LaTroy Hawkins 1995 Action Packed #28 (Twins)

After a stable nine year career in Minnesota, LaTroy has bounced around to six teams in only five years. Baltimore was his home in 2006 where he posted respectable numbers from the pen. He was the set-up man for closer Chris Ray and he excelled in this role. He does have a 2006 Upper Deck card as an Oriole that I am trying to get and have signed, but haven't succeeded yet.

2004 Upper Deck Rookie Class #94 (Yankees)

Henn has hopped from team to team since his debut in 2005 with the Yankees. Last season he appeared in just six games from September until season's end. His short stint here was not even the shortest, having spent four games in San Diego in 2007. Henn is now a Blue Jay having been claimed off waivers after the final game last year. Needless to say a September trade and six games doesn't allow for much time to have an Orioles card made. Unfortunately I have a Yankee card in my collection, yuck.

J.R. House 2002 Bowman #155 (Pirates)

House could never get his offense in gear. He started his career with a hit in Pittsburgh and over his next four seasons only garnered nine more, eight of which as an O in 2007. He is one of the players without any card featuring him as a Bird, insert Pirates card here.

Ray Miller 1986 Topps #381 (Twins)

Miller was the manager here for the 1998-99 seasons with mediocre success. He finihsed his career here slightly below .500. Now I am longing for the days of four games under .500. There are no Oriole manager cards of him, but many postcards from his time as a coach here do exist.

Yorkis Perez 1992 Donruss #754 (Cubs)

Maybe it is just me but I have seen a lot of players end longer careers in Baltimore. The last 20 years or so has seen Baltimore become a wasteland for free agents past the peak of their careers. Oddly enough Perez had his second best season for ERA before calling it quits. I am trying to find his 2002 Rochester Red Wings minor league card for my collection, their last season in the Orioles system.

Luis Polonia 1994 Topps #566 (Angels)

Two-time World Champion Luis Polonia spent 58 games in town during the 1996 season. He won his first ring in Atlanta in 1995, then came here, only to return to Atlanta and another World Series by season's end. To me, his .293 lifetime batting average is very surprising. I've always thought of him in a Jose Lind mold, never burning up the stat sheet, just getting the job done. That was the kind of player I remember him to be while he was here.

Pete Smith 1988 Donruss #571 (Braves)

Smith ended his 11 year career mainly in the Orioles bullpen as the team was frantically grasping to stay afloat in the A.L East. He only appeared in 27 games as the Orioles struggled to reach .500, ultimately finishing just below. He has a ton of cards, just none as a member of my home town team.

Willie Morales 2000 Fleer Tradition Update #U-33

Morales is the only Oriole card involved in the recent trade. His major league career spanned five months in 2000 but was only 3 games. He spent the next four seasons playing in the minors for other franchises before ultimately hanging up the spikes in 2004.


  1. Cool cards, I have come across a lot of guys who don't have Orioles cards. I feel the same way about my signed Sean Henn card.

  2. I have counted at least 41 others with no cards with an Orioles affiliation, with another 100+ with minimal exposure or only minor league stuff. Sure does make it interesting.