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Friday, August 30, 2013

Time To Make A Run

No more waiting.  No more series wins.  The Orioles have to make a run and a big one, or they will be left watching the Playoffs this year. 

It has all been said already, but hell, you haven't heard it from me. 

They control their destiny.

19 of their final 29 games are against teams in the Playoff race.  6 against the Yankees and 3 versus the Indians can create separation with the pack, but that still leaves the front runners.

6 more with the Red Sox and 6 with the Rays can create an interesting race.  Or put a lot of distance between the wild card contenders.

The lineup has been able to produce and score runs all year.  That has continued in recent weeks but our once stellar bullpen has been awful.  Get the lead early and blow it late has been the way of the Birds.

So what do they do right before September call-ups?

Get another bat of course.

We could use a pitcher to sure up the pen, someone like this guy:
Francisco Rodriguez 2000 Topps Traded Autograph #TTA38

Arms like his may be the difference, instead we get Mike Morse and his .227 batting average and poor defense.  Perfect fit.

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