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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Not In My House!

Today, Roger Goodell and the NFL levied heavy fines and sanctions on the New Orleans Saints, their coaching staff and their executives. Similar sanctions will soon be levied on their players as well.

Roger Goodell has spoken. The sports-world has heard him loud and clear. "Don't F*&k with ME." Message received. But the sports-world is responding. Social media is exploding with comments and tweets. Talk radio will have months worth of material now that Peyton has landed and Tebow is on his way out in Denver.

The severity of the sanctions are being judged from all angles. Most deem the punishment too severe and not commensurate with the accused crimes. Others still are even questioning any wrong doing by the Saints.

Goodell himself has been questioned as to his ego and motives in this case. Many believe he is putting himself above the game. Playing God.

Isn't that what he is paid $10 million a year to do?

Be beyond reproach, the moral North. The man who answers to no one. Do what is necessary to make the sport the best it can be. Do whatever it takes to protect the shield.

I disagree with the punishments and how it was handled but here is my take on the whole deal.

Bounties have been a part of football for years, just as cheating and steroids was a part of baseball. Goodell is determined to not repeat history. "Bounty-gate" may not have the societal implications of steroid use, but violent actions and human safety are still hot-button issues.

Roger Goodell does not want to be Bud Selig. Selig sat idly by and let the actions of his people erode the confidence in the game he loves. Steroids ripped a hole in baseball that may never fully mend. Bud Selig was the man on top during that time and will forever be linked to this dark period in baseball. Goodell was not going to suffer the same fate.

He would not wait for a bounty go awry and turn a running back into a quadriplegic before addressing the issue. He had to act. Swiftly. Decisively. Harshly. Set an example and tell every team in the league that bounties will not be tolerated. It is his "steroid issue" and he took action.

Selig must be cursing under his breath today, wishing he had the balls to change his sport. Before the damage was done.

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