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Friday, April 6, 2012

Opening Day Question Marks

I let my Orange and Black flag fly yesterday at work, and local sportswriter Mike Preston laughed at me. For at least five minutes. He all but called me delusional and crazy. But isn't that the definition of fan, short for fanatic? According to, "a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal". Sounds like a pretty good description of me.

As I get prepared for opening day, I can't help but be uneasy. The Orange Kool-Aid has been coursing through my veins since I was four years old. I am the eternal optimist when it comes to The Birds. This year is no different. But as in the past decade, there are a ton of questions to be answered.

First Base
Will Chris Davis finally step up and become a full time big leaguer? Will he strikeout more than 200 times this season? Can he find a consistent power stroke? Can Nick "Journeyman" Johnson still play and provide a spark to the lineup?

Second Base
Will Brian Roberts ever play again? If so, will he ever be effective again? Can someone please get him some more HGH or clear, whatever he used in the past would be fine? Any chance Robert Andino or WIlson Betemit could fill his void?

How good can J.J. Hardy be? How long before he moves to second base? Is Manny Machado ready? Can we please find out?

Third Base
Did the demotion to first base make Mark Reynolds realize he has to field ground balls in order to play third? Will Reynolds injure a fan in the first row of the stands with an errant throw? Has he realized the right and left field lines are pretty damn short? Can he hit 50? Will he strike out more than Chris Davis?

How good can Matt Wieters be? Will anyone steal a base against him?

Left Field
Can Nolan Reimold capture some of the magic from his rookie campaign?

Center Field
How long will Adam Jones be in Baltimore?

Right Field
Where did Nick Markakis' power go? Does he have the ability to protect the power hitters in our lineup?

Starting Staff
Can a staff loaded with #3 starters develop an ace? Will Jake Arrieta and Brian Matusz make strides toward their potential? Will the new Asian Persuasion be effective against MLB batters? Can Chris Tillman develop and build on his good Spring? Can Zach Britton get healthy?

Can Jim Johnson get it done in the closer role? How often will Kevin Gregg pour gasoline on a fire?

Will Wifey give birth to our son in the stands today?

If the answers to these questions are: Davis will start 140 games, strikeout 195 times, bash 25 HR, as Nick Johnson fills in admirably at first; while B-Rob makes a full recovery with PED's, being backed by the excellence of Andino and Betemit's .285 average and 15 HR; where Hardy doesn't have to change positions to become an All-Star so Machado can become more seasoned in the minors; as Mark Reynolds keeps his head and ass down to field grounders, maims only one fan early in the season, sprays bombs down the lines to hit 50 HR with 188 strike outs, eight less than Davis; with Wieters winning another Gold Glove and starting in the All-Star game, allowing zero stolen bases; as Reimold locks himself in the starting lineup and anchors the back third of the order; while Adam Jones signs a long term deal to blow bubbles, steal bases and be adored by fans; so pressure is taken off Markakis and he can just hit, hit, hit and throw out base runners; while Arrieta, Matusz, Chen, Hunter and Tillman win at least ten games each with Jake falling into the ace role, so Britton can heal and be effective down the stretch; as Jim Johnson saves 40 and Kevin Gregg has a great start to the season so we can trade him for a well fit puzzle piece; and Yes: the Orioles will be relevant again.

Seriously it could happen. Anyone thirsty? I've got a fresh batch of the Orange stuff for ya. It tastes delicious.

Even if they lose and are awful this year, a birth in section 340 on Opening Day would be a big story.

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