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The Baltimore Orioles have been in town since '54 and have had over 900 men don their uniform. My goal is to obtain a signed card of each player. If you have something I need, or see something you want, don't be shy, we can make a deal.

Collection Statistics

Total Players 877/977 = 89.25%
1991 Orioles Crown Set
Total Players 309/465 = 66.45%
Alive Players 274/369 = 74.25

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Brand Spankin' New Saturday

I had a huge eBay sale close today and decided to splurge. I think I should have saved my money as nothing truly jumped out at me. You be the judge.

2011 Bowman Platinum Rack Packs (3)

The Prospects

BPP-18 Zack Cox Cardinals
BPP-19 Jimmy Paredes Astros
BPP-34 Jurickson Profar Rangers
BPP-53 Eduardo Escobar White Sox
BPP-57 Jacob Goebbert Astros
BPP-82 Garrett Richards Angels
BPP-100 Jaff Decker Padres
BPP-30 Tyler Skaggs Diamondbacks
BPP-58 Carlos Perez Braves

Retail Exclusive Purple Parallels

BPP-3 Jesus Montero Yankees
BPP-13 Miguel De Los Santos Rangers
BPP-18 Zack Cox Cardinals
BPP-22 Corban Joseph Yankees
BPP-28 Shaeffer Hall Yankees
BPP-49 Rashun Dixon Athletics
BPP-67 Keon Broxton Diamondbacks
BPP-77 Cutter Dykstra Nationals
BPP-82 Garrett Richards Angels

Base Parallels

Bowman Platinum Gold 38 Manny Ramirez Rays
Bowman Platinum Red 20 Pedro Alvarez Pirates
Bowman Platinum Green 13 Carlos Santana Indians

Base Cards
4 Jon Lester Red Sox
7 Hank Conger Angels
13 Carlos Santana Indians
15 Roy Oswalt Phillies
22 Daniel Descalso Cardinals
30 Felix Hernandez Mariners
33 Madison Bumgarner Giants
39 Brian McCann Braves
41 Gordon Beckham White Sox
44 Jeremy Jeffress Brewers
45 Torii Hunter Angels
54 Matt Cain Giants
59 Justin Morneau Twins
63 Prince Fielder Brewers
64 Hunter Pence Astros
73 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
80 Billy Butler Royals
89 Shin-Soo Choo Indians
93 Aroldis Chapman Reds
94 Chase Utley Phillies
95 Kyle Drabek Blue Jays

The Verdict
These are real shiny cards that don't really do anything for me. The parallel versions are boring and depending on the background, difficult to find. The purple parallels were a gimmick I liked when I pulled a Bryce Harper, but when he isn't there I hate em. I wish there were more prospects and less retired baseball players. Seriously, the product released in July and Manny is still in the set. He retired in April Topps. Damn.

2011 Topps Lineage Blaster (1)

The Hits

Topps Lineage '75 Minis 65 Josh Johnson Marlins
Topps Lineage '75 Minis 107 Chad Billingsley Dodgers
Topps Lineage '75 Mini Relics 75R-VW Vernon Wells Angels
Topps Lineage Cloth Stickers TCS-38 Jason Heyward Braves
Topps Lineage Diamond Anniversary 33 Tony Perez REds
Topps Lineage Diamond Anniversary 156 Austin Jackson Tigers
Topps Lineage Diamond Anniversary Platinum 178 Albert Pujols Cardinals
Topps Lineage Pop-Ups NNO Hunter Pence Astros
Topps Lineage Rookies 6 Jake McGee Rays
***Not Pictured***
Topps Lineage Topps Venezuela TV-17 Joe Mauer Twins

Base Cards
5 Felix Hernandez Mariners
6 Carlos Beltran Mets
11 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
13 Cal Ripken Orioles
14 Kendrys Morales Angels
17 Billy Butler Royals
21 Edinson Volquez Reds
22 Johan Santana Mets
29 Chris Bale White Sox
31 Jeremy Hellickson Rays
36 Michael Young Rangers
39 Ricky Romero Blue Jays
40 Stan Musial Cardinals
63 Ubaldo Jiminez Rockies
64 Joe Morgan Reds
73 Kosuke Fukudome Cubs
75 Alex Rodriguez Yankees
76 Roberto Alomar Blue Jays
77 David Wright Mets
79 Carl Crawford Red Sox
88 David Price Rays
96 Jason Bay Mets
102 Cole Hamels Phillies
106 Ty Cobb Cleveland Spiders
111 Neil Walker Pirates
113 Trevor Cahill Athletics
118 Todd Helton Rockies
129 Jason Heyward Braves
134 John Danks White Sox
137 Johnny Bench Reds
143 Miguel Cabrera Tigers
145 Adrian Gonzalez Red Sox
146 Freddie Freeman Braves
151 Johnny Damon Rays
157 Wandy Rodriguez Astros
158 Monte Irvin NY Giants
165 Jose Reyes Mets
171 Ryne Sandberg Cubs
175 CC Sabathia Yankees
186 Mel Ott NY Giants
188 Daniel Hudson Diamondbacks
190 Bert Blyleven Twins
195 Chipper Jones Braves
196 Ichiro Suzuki Mariners
198 Andruw Jones Braves

The Verdict
I liked being guaranteed a hit in my blaster. I did not like the fact that is was wrapped up by itself and not in an actual pack. Topps took all the fun out of pulling a relic card and I knew the first card I saw was most likely the best of the box. Apparently the only way Topps could guarantee my "hit" was to put it in seperately.

I was a big fan of the cloth card until I realized it was a sticker. However, I cannot hate on the Rookie insert set. It takes me back to sifting through hundreds of rack packs at the grocery store to find Cal Ripken on the front and basking in the glossy goodness of overproduction. Those were the days.

2011 Gypsy Queen Packs (2)


Gypsy Queen Mini 257 James Loney Dodgers
Gypsy Queen Mini 292 Andre Ethier Dodgers
Gypsy Queen Wall Climbers WC-8 Michael Brantley Indians
Gypsy Queen Wall Climbers WC-9 Jason Heyward Braves

Base Cards
54 Frank Thomas White Sox
96 Ubaldo Jiminez Rockies
105 Chris Carter Athletics
128 Dan Haren Angels
134 Kelly Johnson Diamondbacks
290 Jake McGee Rays
319 Elvis Andrus Rangers
336 Domonic Brown Phillies

The Verdict
These cards are just Allen & Ginter with action shots and a textured look. I prefer it to Ginter but had I gotten an actual Gypsy card I would have torn it in half. Apparently I am not a fan of gimmicks today.

Overall Consensus

Are cards are available as I have already pulled my three Orioles base cards. Please take these off my hands, any of em.


  1. I'll take the Braves you pulled off of your hands.
    I pulled a shiny refractor Brooks robinson out of Lineage that i could send your way. It'll be up on my blog tonight.

    let me know...

  2. The Braves are yours. I dont have much of a need for the Robinson. I could use base cards of prospects that havent cracked the bigs or autos for my collection.