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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Like Father, Like Son

Anyone who knows anything about Baltimore Orioles baseball knows about the father son connection of Cal Ripken Jr. and Cal Sr. But not everyone knows about Rock Raines and Tim Raines Jr.

Rock was a seven time All-Star outfielder that played mainly for the Montreal Expos, before bouncing around to end his 23 year major league career. His son, Tim, had a less distinguished three year career, all with the Birds. The father/son duo had the distinction of being the first and only combo to play against each other in a professional game. The elder Raines was a member of the Ottawa Lynx, while Junior was playing for our Rochester Red Wings. Maybe it was a coincidence, but directly after the game, Rock was recalled to the major leagues. You think the team wanted him to make history? Maybe just a little.

Before seasons end, Senior was traded to the Orioles as part of a conditional deal, joining his son on our roster. The reunion lasted until the end of the season and dad moved on to the Florida Marlins to end his career.

I made a 50/50 deal to bring both of these players to me at once.

Tim Raines Sr. 2002 Fleer Platinum #75

Somehow a man entering his 23rd season appears in a so called RC set. Anyone else find that a little odd? God bless the old way of producing cards, well before Christmas, to drive that holiday revenue. Senior appeared in only four games for the Birds in 2001 and was released November 6th. I guess that wasn't enough time to pull him from the set. Raines had a stellar career and is fighting his way toward greater HOF consideration, garnering over 30% of votes on last years ballot. Not sure he will ever get to 75%, but now that I have him as an Oriole, I would vote for him.

Tim Raines Jr. 2002 Upper Deck Vintage #61

Tim Raines Jr. 2000 Frederick Keys Grandstand #7

Junior spent parts of three seasons in the majors, all in the outfield and all with different jersey numbers. The changing jersey wasn't the only inconsistent thing with his game, he could not get it going at the plate. He also never developed into a base running threat like his father. After the 2003 season he was demoted to the minors before being released in 2005. Raines has been unable to crack a big league roster since then, but not for lack of trying.

Both of Tim Raines Jr's cards are available for trade if anyone is looking.

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  1. For what it's worth, Jr. is still playing in the minors and has spent a good part of the season playing for his dad with the Newark Bears...



    - Bert