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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wifey Has A New Favorite Oriole

Move over Matt Wieters, Wifey has a new Bird in her life. 

OK, not a new Bird, a seasoned one.

Bill Swaggerty

He doesn't look familiar? 
 Maybe this guy does?
Bill Swaggerty 1991 Orioles Crown #448
It wasn't statistics or relevance that made Wifeys loyalty wane, it was personality and a little bit of resemblance.
When we fist met Bill as our manager at the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation softball tournament, Wifey thought she knew him.  He looked so familiar, she kept bugging me as to who it was?  It turns out it was actor Bruce McGill from one of her favorite T.V. shows.  Pretty close.

Bill was extremely personable and mirrored our team very well, just have fun.  We spent the day with Bill sharing a glimpse into what it was like to be a pro athlete.  He shared stories of being drafted in the 27th round, coming through the minors with Cal Jr., his pro debut, being a World Champion and life after baseball.  Our team hung on every word and every story, spun with ease by a talented storyteller.

He even had Wifey paying attention.  To sports stories.  That never happens.  Ever.

Stories wasn't all Bill shared with us.

Those are the chubby nubs I call fingers with the most expensive piece of jewelry I will ever don.  I'm not a ring guy, but would have never relinquished it had it been mine.  Bill took delight in sharing his piece of history with us.
Wifey gladly asked Bill for his autograph, for her collection, not mine.  It now sits next to her personalized Wally Westlake postcard from nearly five years ago.  I crossed Bill off my Orioles Crown list years ago TTM.  He is a great signer, getting at least two letters a week. 
Thanks again Bill.

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