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The Baltimore Orioles have been in town since '54 and have had over 900 men don their uniform. My goal is to obtain a signed card of each player. If you have something I need, or see something you want, don't be shy, we can make a deal.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Questioning The Hobby

It's not what it sounds like.  I love collecting cards and autographs and will not give it up.  I am just looking for advice and tricking you to read this post sounded like a good idea.

I am sorry if my clever attempt to trick you leaves you wanting more deep thoughts on the hobby, I just want answers.

For the autograph guys:

Do you hand write or type TTM requests?
Do you hand address envelopes?
Do you use any site besides eBay to buy autographed cards? Trade?
Do you mention your collecting goals?
Do you reference your blog or are you straight fanboy?
What are your thoughts about personalizations?

Average Joe Collector:
Got any 2012 base cards of:

Luis Ayala
Dylan Bundy
Wei-Yin Chen
Miguel Gonzalez
LJ Hoes
Manny Machado
Nate Mclouth
Joe Saunders

What do you need for em?

I will go over my feelings on the subject a little later when I've heard a little feedback.


  1. For requests, I hand write both my envelopes and requests on 4X6 index cards. My thinking is that if I'm asking a player to take the time and sign my item(s), I can spend the time writing out the request. My letters are as honest as possible - if it's a player I saw play, I will usually mention something about their career, or for older players mention my appreciation for the history of the game and learning about former players. I don't really make and mention of my collection or blog.

    As far as personalizations go, I'm not a fan. I consider myself a pure collector, and don't plan on any of my autos leaving my collection any time soon. It's more of an aesthetic decision - to me personalizations on cards make the card look too crowded and busy. I certainly don't mind if players personalize, but it's not something I actively seek out.

  2. My TTM requests are always hand-written, both letter and envelope.

  3. always hand written. i will use paid signings through hall of fame sports or chris potter sports once in a while to get someone who doesn't sign ttm, and i will purchase from ebay and other sources only in dire need (like for my 1978 topps dodger project).

    i ask them to sign for my collection, and i don't mention my blog.

  4. I love autographs, but can't remember the last time I sent an autograph request through the mail. Can't wait to read peoples' responses... just in case I start a TTM collection.

  5. I hand write all requests on 3x5 index cards. I mention my goal to collect an autograph of every person to play for the O's and ask them to sign the enclosed card.

    Besides eBay, I buy autos on SCN and The Bench. I don't like personalizations on my autos for aesthetic reasons. Sometimes personalizations can clutter the card and detract from the finished product IMO.

  6. I think that you know that I prefer to have my autographs personalized, it just adds a special touch that I enjoy. And I always hand write my envelopes and notes. I have always had good luck for the most part using SCN for trades and consignments.

  7. Hey bro, I posted the Cespedes. Follow it here.

  8. I'm sure I have a number of those 2012 cards you need and can easily part with them for you. Hit me up.