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The Baltimore Orioles have been in town since '54 and have had over 900 men don their uniform. My goal is to obtain a signed card of each player. If you have something I need, or see something you want, don't be shy, we can make a deal.

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Total Players 877/977 = 89.25%
1991 Orioles Crown Set
Total Players 309/465 = 66.45%
Alive Players 274/369 = 74.25

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Can You Guess...

Which football team I follow?

In honor of the Super Bowl I will be posting some football autographs.  No 49ers.  No Ravens.  Just Redskins.

My only tie to Baltimore sports are the Orioles and I will not be rooting for the local football team during the Super Bowl.  I just can't do it.  Sports talk radio is barely tolerable now, imagine if the Ravens actually won? 

The Quiz went over well last time, let's try it again.  First person to correctly guess all seven signatures receives some Redskins autos.

Best of luck.

Go Niners,


  1. Ralf Mojsiejenko
    Jeff Rutledge
    Neal Olkewicz
    Jack Pardee
    Nick Giaquinto
    R. C. Thielemann
    Kelly Goodburn

    Just don't hear Ralf Mojsiejenko too often.

  2. I know what you mean. Living in the Bay Area, I'm tired of hearing 49er discussion 24/7. I'm so ready for spring training.

  3. I am right there with you. I love the O's but absolutely can not stand the Ravens, HTTR all the way!

  4. Nicely done Spankee. I just realized the uniform numbers on all but one made them a little easier if you wanted to Google. I have no doubt though that Spankee just used superior intelect. Send the Addy my way potzie crads at yahoo dot com